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Ripehouse Advisory is proud to announce Australia’s very first ‘Legacy Agency’.

We feel this terminology is needed in today’s environment to create its own space in the industry where it conveys two unique components to qualify as a ‘Legacy Agency’, the human touch and advanced data analysis.


  • Long term relationships and support rather than a singular transaction.
  • A complete unique end-to-end, ‘done for you’ solution for property investing. At literally no stage of the process is there anything required for you to do, apart from making the decisions. Ripehouse and its approved referral partners handle the Rest.
  • A TEAM of support specialists and highly trained property professionals, including our approval referral partners, will guide you, step by step, holding your hand through the entire journey.
  • Together we partner up as your wealth generation party to create REAL wealth through property that you can pass onto your loved ones. Your own financial legacy.


  • In order to maximise your results, the greater the skill of data analysis the higher the accuracy of prediction. Ripehouse Advisory has built Australia’s #1 cutting edge data analysis software that does not solely rely on publicly available data. Our in-house software gets data in real time from the source unlike no other data analysis company can.
  • Once properties are shortlisted from our data analysis software it is then given the ‘human touch’ once more, in the form of human due diligence. Our team of property research analysts will implement further checklists and the property pool will be further looked over by our in-house property valuer, economist and data actuary , before a property can be presented to a valued member of Ripehouse Advisory.

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