The Foolish Behaviour of The R.B.A

Jacob Field Published by Jacob Field on 19 October 2022

Let’s take a deep dive into the R.B.A. And if you’ve been not living under a rock the last few years in Australia, the impact the RBA’s decision making has been having on property prices. Obviously inflation and interest rates. And we’re going to be looking at what has been said over the last year […]

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Any short term affects on rent since covid and opened borders?

Jacob Field Published by Jacob Field on 10 May 2022

Data shows more people have left Australia than have arrived since Covid and the international borders opened. International students haven’t yet returned back from overseas. Should we be concerned with this trend? In addition to rising interest rates. They’re both really good points. To help us understand this,¬† we worked with Bernard Salt, who is […]

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Investing In Uncertain Times.. Covid / Ukraine…

Jacob Field Published by Jacob Field on 3 May 2022

This is about providing a buffer. A rainy day fund. The types of properties that we buy, 350 to 450 to 480 is our current sort of target zone sort of 400 – 480 possibly as of today, this is a sweet spot that’s very affordable. If we were to have world war three, all […]

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Will Interest Rate Rises Be Slow Or Gradual?

Jacob Field Published by Jacob Field on 28 April 2022

In the last 30 years, when there have been interest rate rises they have been quite gradual. The government has to make an interest rate rise and then see, if it’s worked or not. The moment they see it working, there’s usually a very sharp and quick reduction in those interest rates back to the […]

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What Makes Interest Rates Rise?

Jacob Field Published by Jacob Field on 19 April 2022

What makes interest rates rise? Inflation is projected to be 7 to 10% this year alone. The reserve bank of Australia is still saying after 2022. If it happens this year, what is causing it? Over the last 100 – 120 or so years in Australia, there has been a very strong positive correlation between […]

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Trust structures are on the way out?

Jacob Field Published by Jacob Field on 8 April 2022

How do Trust’s impact lending and how and when should we set one up? What are the key criteria that make this something that is viable or profitable? Why would we do this in the first place? How does this impact our loans and tax implications for trust structures? Now, before I write more, I […]

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Jacob Field Published by Jacob Field on 4 April 2022

What is the outlook for commercial warehouse yields? Best areas to look at? The outlook is interesting, yields will recover. I think the short term we did see a lot of people piling into commercial properties in the second half of 2021. The thinking was that they’ve made a lot of money in Sydney and […]

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Can You Expand On How You Pinpoint Locations

Jacob Field Published by Jacob Field on 1 April 2022

Can I expand a bit on how possible locations are identified? Alright. I’ll take a deep breath, this could be a rabbit hole where this is probably a lot of my background as well, matt. So my profession was actually as a software engineer and I’ve spent a lot of time, you know, Ripehouse has […]

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Results From Our Past 300 Transactions Are In

Jacob Field Published by Jacob Field on 28 March 2022

Today a very special deep dive where we analyse all of the properties we have purchased for the last few years over 300 properties in total to work out what the actual average capital growth for those properties and just a hint it’s 24% per annum capital growth and extremely positive. An outstanding result generated […]

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My thoughts on the Bendigo Property Investment Market (March 2022)

Jacob Field Published by Jacob Field on 28 March 2022

My thoughts on the Bendigo Property Investment Market (March 2022) Bendigo is a market. We we brought over 100 properties there in 2019 across our organisation and clients obviously they’ve all done very well. We were only buying in an area I called the golden triangle between the cbd, the university and the hospital. Okay, […]

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What Should I Do If Some Water Made It Into My House From The Floods?

Jacob Field Published by Jacob Field on 25 March 2022

A lady I know, Kirsten bought a property with us last year in Southeast Queensland. Her property that we purchased with her was unscathed. That was all good. Her principal place of residence in Brisbane. Not so okay. So she had ceiling damage. She had a newly renovated floor. It was actually a waterproof tile […]

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Are Rising Cost Of Materials Impacting Renovations?

Jacob Field Published by Jacob Field on 23 March 2022

Do you see rising costs of materials impacting, affecting the renovation process and end projection? Yes, I do. And it has dramatically. Has it changed what we’re doing? Not really. Okay. So give you an example in Perth ,Perth from October to about two weeks ago when I spoke to the building and contractors and […]

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Where Do You See Property Going In 2022?

Jacob Field Published by Jacob Field on 21 March 2022

More broadly, where do I see the property market going? And I will talk about 2022 in particular. Okay. We’ve got obviously got a raft of factors that potentially might be impacting property, price or demand in this year, some of the big ticket items that I’ve seen sort of coming up in the last […]

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Just What Is Sales Volume?

Jacob Field Published by Jacob Field on 14 January 2022

When we look at sales volumes, we are tracking the number of actual sales in a geography over a set period of time. So let me break that down . We are looking at four quarters in retrospect. We’ve got a number of sales all over the place over that period of time. Now, when […]

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One Year Recoup of Capital %

Jacob Field Published by Jacob Field on 7 January 2022

Property principles 101. One year recoup of capital percentage. Let’s unpack this because this is an important metric when considering your next investment property. As an investor, there’s a lot of focus on the capital growth of a property and the yield of a property. But what is not often considered is the overall quantum […]

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Interest Rate Rises?

Jacob Field Published by Jacob Field on 1 January 2022

There was a whiff of low consumer sentiment in the air last December, the current news cycle was hard at work. We’ve had a very strong bull market run, a very strong price growth period was had in 2021. Is it set to continue or are we looking down the barrel of another correction? Now […]

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How does the industry calculate ‘days on market’?

Days on Market Jacob Field Published by Jacob Field on 29 October 2021

Firstly, days on market can be in relation to a single property, at a suburb level or if necessary, a larger region. For a single property, it’s ‘the numbers of days that the property is on the market’. The moment that property was listed for purchase to the public, through to the moment it was […]

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