Our Truly Unique Service

Australia’s First Complete ‘Done For You’ Property Investment System.

In a short wealth consultation session, we will discuss how working with a Qualified Investment Property Advisor (QIPA) can help you understand how you can get from where you are now, to where you want to be financially in life.

Once a plan is mapped out, together with our approved referral partners, know, every aspect of the process is completely ‘done for you’. To put that into perspective, every part of the 4 part push approved property acquisition process is ‘done for you’:

Purchase under market value: One of our approved referral partner buyer agents will handle all of the negotiations for you right through to when the offer is accepted and unconditional.

Uplift from a renovation: Cosmetic renovations are an excellent way to unlock and create equity in your property. We can help advise which renovation items may maximise your return on investment.

Surplus cash flows: Our properties aim to be cash flow positive, paying you for the privilege of being in your portfolio.

High Performance Growth: All of the research, all of the data analysis to maximise your return on investment by buying in the right location at the right time of the market.. done for you.

Then when that step is implemented and executed, we will look at reaping the rewards of your work to re-finance and convert that property into a skipping stone asset to purchase your next.

The Legacy Sequence repeats until such time, you wish to pull out the equity into a high yielding ‘Pull Approved’  property to create abundant passive income.

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