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Our track record in creating wealth is genuinely breathtaking. We use cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence when finding your next investment property. Our asset selection is driven by science, not subjectivity.

A nationwide search

We cast a wide net - using technology to do the heavy lifting, we can scour the corners of the nation to find High Performance properties.

Best advisors

We know what it takes to deliver amazing results. Our approved buyers agents are the most outstanding property investors and wealth creators Australia has to offer. They provide the human touch to the technology.

High Performance

Our technology generates a shortlist of High Performance locations. However, to become a Ripehouse Advisory Approved location our experienced research team must then give it the green light.


We need alignment. Typical buyers agents fees are expensive, and inhibit your ability to put your hard earned deposit to work on a High Performance investment property. Our fees are fair and outstanding value for money.

Ripehouse Acquisitions


Trusted alignment

55 trusted buyers agents are approved partners

Only the nation's most trusted buyers agents are invited and approved as a Ripehouse Advisory Partner.

What is our selection criteria? They must have laser focus on and alignment with your wealth creation.

This alignment is created through Australia's fairest fees - which is due only after you settle on your investment property. Payment is made manageable through monthly instalments.

Allowing you to use your property deposit where it needs to be spent - buying a High Performance asset.

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Nothing standing in front of performance

Only 1 in 477 Australian suburbs are currently Ripehouse Advisory approved.

It’s unlikely that your local area, as of today, is set to experience the best growth when compared to all markets across the country.

This is how Ripehouse Advisory as a national network of researchers and advisors can assist, providing the confidence to scour across the nation for High Performance capital growth.

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Cutting-edge and tested

Grow your wealth with high performance

We understand that selecting properties that deliver outstanding capital growth is the fastest way to help you realise your wealth creation goals.

Since 2011, Ripehouse Advisory has developed cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence – built to select properties that deliver High Performance capital growth.

insert_drive_file Finding outstanding growth

Our client required a property that was within 2 hours of Sydney and Ripehouse Advisory was able to recommend an excellent property in Rutherford.

The property grew in value by 15% in the first year.

This was my clients first investment property and she has since managed to use the equity to purchase two further properties.

All within 18 months.

Jane Slack-Smith

Julie Crockett

Buyers Agent

I wouldn’t have found this property without your excellent advice. Keep up the great work.

[Guy purchased 10 properties in 10 months using Ripehouse - with an average annualised return of 25% + yield of 6.25%]

Guy Williams

Guy Williams

Property Investor

I have purchased approximently 20 properties for clients in the Geelong Market in 2015, using Ripehouse Advisory.

Clients have done very well - reporting dramatic uplift circa 30% within about one year from purchase.

The Geelong area is now (2016) booming and we had the pick of the place when it wasnt.”

Dave Ward

Dave Ward

Buyers Agent

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It only takes 3 minutes, and based on your results we will send you a detailed report designed to help identify where you should be investing, which strategy will work for you, and why.

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