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*In such a heated market, we are only working in less than 1% suburbs nationwide. Accuracy and interpretation of data is everything

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'2021 End Of Year' Ripehouse Advisory Results

Investment Grade Properties (Under $750,000)

Median Capital Growth Per Annum
(National Median is 18%)
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Breakdown of 2021 Results

In under 25 minutes, Discover which SIX properties you need to purchase to achieve financial independence with a passive income of $150,000+ per year without having to save for a full deposit each and every time you purchase a property.

  • How elite property analysts pinpoint with predictability and consistency, the markets to enter before they boom.
  • Discover the biggest mistakes property investors make when starting out and the real reasons why investors get stuck at just one or two dud properties, no sugar coating, just the cold hard facts.
  • Uncover the two key elements that multi-million dollar investors have, that struggling investors do not have.
  • The “Four Ways” That You Can Generate A Return From A Single Property, so you can grow your property portfolio without having to always wait on the market.

JACOB FIELD, FOUNDER AND CEO of Ripehouse Advisory

CEO of Ripehouse Advisory



After exiting the 9-5 through investing in property at the age of 32, Jacob turned his focus onto Ripehouse Advisory in 2011.
Combining his passion for property with his skills of software engineering to create Australia’s #1 recognised data analysis and property acquisition company in 2011.
Running Australian Property Investor Magazine had shown Jacob the heartbeat of the Australia Property Investment industry.
He continually saw common mistakes that investors were making which fuelled his fire to create a unique system of property acquisition and property portfolio building.
The holistic approach to property investment is called ‘THE LEGACY SEQUENCE’ TM which enables every day Australian’s to build generational wealth through property that can be handed down to their loved ones.
The system in reflect, is the exact system that Jacob took to amass his multi-million dollar portfolio, without any of the mistake making along the way.
This is not just a proven wealth generation system through property, it is, his life’s work.

Happy customers

“Me and my wife are so excited for this first purchase!”

- Harshul

The most valuable service, in the background, the location search and the property search.

- Sumit

I’m very happy with services and the affordability of the services so for me, it’s a no brainer.

- Tam Van

Services like Ripehouse who make sure we make right decisions.

- Imran

The likelihood of it working out and working well, is extremely high.

- Honor & Ryan

I’m looking to get the second and third one, I’m ready to go!

- Roy

At the moment I’m working seven days so I want somewhere where my money works for me.

- Anjani

For financial security.. that I can pass it as a legacy to my kids.

- Vinay

I’ll definitely be using Ripehouse again, you guys have made the process so much easier for me.

- Daniel

Ripehouse was more interested about the long term goal rather than just getting one transaction through the door.

- Jack

As I’m getting closer to retirement, I wanted something more income return based

- Ashur

I’ve really learnt a lot and it’s gone from being daunting to really exciting.

- Peta

I found everything from start to finish great.

- Corrado

I always felt that I had assistance on my side.

- Jonas

It’s an all encompassing service, you really do get your value.

- Julian

Predominantly the reason was to no longer be beholden to other people for my paycheck.

- James

Self fund after retirement, freedom.

- Chandra

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