What Should I Do If Some Water Made It Into My House From The Floods?

Jacob Field Published by Jacob Field on 25 March 2022

A lady I know, Kirsten bought a property with us last year in Southeast Queensland.

Her property that we purchased with her was unscathed.

That was all good.

Her principal place of residence in Brisbane.

Not so okay. So she had ceiling damage.

She had a newly renovated floor.

It was actually a waterproof tile floor with waterproof plaster that did have water in that property.

It was only a few inches down the in the ground level and she just left it. She didn’t really think anything of it.

I was just having a chat to her yesterday about another matter and she just sort of mentioned it to me and I said please just get it checked, get the insurance company out there to at least put it on the books because mold in properties is an absolute killer.

It’s an absolute nightmare, mould grows over time.

She might not even know its existing in there and the problems are down the road.

All right. So you know, a big part of this, you know the small water pieces of water damage.

It’s best to raise it with insurance and get it checked.

Talk to your property manager, see if there was any impact whatsoever.

You know, if a tenant had to put down towels, it’s worth getting it checked.

You know, insurance companies when you flag a potential issue, they will send out a building, health and safety officer.

It is a job where they will assess the health of that property and then that can be the beginning of an insurance claim, okay?

And at least it flags it into the future.