My thoughts on the Bendigo Property Investment Market (March 2022)

Jacob Field Published by Jacob Field on 28 March 2022

My thoughts on the Bendigo Property Investment Market (March 2022)

Bendigo is a market. We we brought over 100 properties there in 2019 across our organisation and clients obviously they’ve all done very well.

We were only buying in an area I called the golden triangle between the cbd, the university and the hospital.

Okay, north bendigo, kennington cbd, is it golden mile was the other suburb?

It was only a few suburbs that we look at.

The thing you’ve got to remember with bendigo is that it’s a small regional, 70,000 people, 80,000 people off the top of my head.

Things drop off very quickly.

You’ve got to be in the sweet spot.

You’ve got to be very fussy with the locations you’re buying in supply can absolutely ruin your investment.

It drops off very quickly. And if you’re buying a new housing estate, then you’ve got, you know, little hope. It’s not like you have more being built around it, you’re on the periphery. You know, things take a long time to change.

So that’s probably, I wasn’t doubting you there with the spelling. Thank you for clarifying that though. Um that would probably be the answer to the question. You know, stick to the middle of the heart of these, let’s not overthink it.

You know, look at where the strongest demand would be in these locations and it does drop off very quickly. You know, my rule is usually not the inner layer or cbd area because you have no one wants to live in a cbd. The middle ring is our buying zone and that is supported by an outer ring which can keep expanding.

The more the outer ring expands, the more scarce and in demand. The inner ring is okay, so generally these smaller towns have three rings. We only ever stick in the first or the second ring.